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Our usual practice at is to avoid endorsing candidates for office. Instead, we try to encourage debate about public policy issues that matter to our community, rather than endorsing individual candidates in their bids for public office. But today, I’ll hang my editor’s hat on the hatrack over in the corner, and just write […]

Tuesday we’ll have Primary elections for Governor across the state. There are also some Primaries in the Senate recall races as well, although not for the Fox Valley area. Click on the image to the left to see a larger map of the Senate districts, and the four Districts that have Primary races on Tuesday. […]

Six State Senators will face off with their challengers at the voting booths tomorrow (Tuesday, August 9): Rob Cowles versus Nancy Nusbaum (district 2), Alberta Darling versus Sandra Pasch (district 8), Sheila Harsdorf versus Shelly Moore (district 10), Luther Olsen versus Fred Clark (district 14), Randy Hopper versus Jessica King (district 18) and Dan Kapanke […]

Tuesday, July 12, there’s a Primary election for Senate District 2. Remember to vote, if you live in the northern or eastern part of Little Chute, or in any part of Senate district 2 outside of Little Chute. This district covers parts of Outagamie, Shawano, Oconto and Brown counties. The incumbent in this election is […]

OK. I’ve had writer’s block since April. I keep focusing on politics instead of fun things like CheeseFest and Memorial and Flag Day parades and sports and such. Focused, but unable to write about it. Much to my own dismay and distress. I keep waiting for, I don’t know, reasonableness maybe? Civility, perhaps. Or maybe […]